The law firm provides services based on core principles of legal ethics:

1. Independence 
We are independent of any influence or pressure and obey only applicable law, international law and professional ethical norms.

2. Trust
Customer trust towards Mikaberidze & Partners is one of the main values ​​and assets of our company. In order to build trust, our services are based on good faith, qualification and professional dignity. 

3. Confidentiality 
Any information provided by you for the purpose of obtaining legal services is confidential and subject to protection regardless of the time elapsed. 

4. Predominance of client interests
Your interests take precedence over and will be placed above all other interests. 

5. Impermissible conflict of interest 
We do not represent and do not provide professional advice to two or more clients in the same or related matters if there is a conflict of interest between clients' interests or there is a risk of conflict of interest. 

Types of Legal Services:

Preparation of Legal Documents
Legal Advice
Legal Compliance
Legal Representation
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